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Haviland (Limoges) Green & Tan Floral Garland, Blank 123: Platter 14"


Haviland Green & Tan Floral Garland w/ Gold Trim, Blank 123: Platter 14"

Haviland Green and Tan Floral Garland with Gold Trim, Blank 123:

Platter 14" x 10"

These items are in good condition with beautiful color. There is some wear on the gold edge design. Look at the photos for details.

This dinnerware is beautiful, but very old and made during a time when imperfections were common due to the manufacturing methods used for mass production. If you are looking for perfection, please do NOT buy this dinnerware.

Packaging will be appropriate for the delicate nature of the item.


IMPORTANT:  Our items are shipped with a sticker (label) intact.  It must not be removed or altered if there is a chance you will return the item.  Removal or alteration of the sticker will VOID the Return Policy.

Note for International Buyers:  We ship merchandise internationally but will NOT accept responsibility for any delays, costs or damage caused by international Customs inspections.