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Meakin, Alfred Tea Leaf, Copper Tea Leaf Center: Luncheon Plate (s), As Is


Meakin, Alfred Tea Leaf: White w/ Copper Tea Leaf Center

Luncheon Plate (s), 8 5/8" & 8 7/8"  --  As Is


These plates are very old and have lots of scratches, crazing, stains and wear. One of the plates has a small chip on the edge. The copper is worn off the center design. One plate is slightly smaller then the other, but the center design is larger. See pictures for details.

As is common with older English dinnerware, there is some crazing. Crazing (lines like a spider web) can be hard to see. We inspect each item, but can still overlook the most inconspicuous crazing. If you are looking for perfect condition, you should avoid buying old English dinnerware.

Packaging will be appropriate for the delicate nature of the item.

IMPORTANT: Our items contain a sticker that must NOT be removed if there is a chance you will return the item. Once the sticker is removed or tampered with, it voids the return policy.

Note for International Buyers:  We ship merchandise internationally but will NOT accept responsibility for any delays, costs or damage caused by international Customs inspections.