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Steelite Craft, England: NEW Green Freestyle Bowl (s), 11" x 1 1/2"


Steelite International Performance Craft: Vitrified China in Various Colors

Green Freestyle Bowl (s), 32 oz  -- #11310523

11" x 9 5/8" x 1 1/2" Tall

Freezer, Microwave, and Dishwasher Safe 

Oven Safe to 572°F / 300°C, See Note Below.

Made in England


Build up your collection before we sell out of this pattern!

The item is new and in excellent unused condition with beautiful color. The bowl measures 11" x 9 5/8", is 1 1/2" tall at the shortest point, and is slightly oval in shape.The item is hand decorated. As a result, no two pieces are exactly alike. They each have their own personality with differences in the color, trim, and quantity / pattern of brown speckles, etc. Some of the bowls have white or lighter colored spots mixed in with the green and/or the brown trim. The unevenness of the color adds to the individuality of the piece. The rectangular white spots appearing in the photographs are reflections of our fluorescent lighting and are not present on the item. Look at the photos for details. If you would like more dishes than we currently have listed, please contact us. We are re-stocking on a regular basis and may be able to accommodate your request. 

The Performance Craft Collection has exceptional durability. Alumina (a non-metallic ceramic substance) has been applied during the manufacturing process to increase the strength of the dishes  making them resistant to chippage and breakage. These dishes are strong enough to hold up to heavy use in a restaurant, yet stunning enough to have in your home. 

All Steelite dishes have three tiny rough spots on the underside from the manufacturing process. The piece is supported during the glazing process on three small, triangular cross-section refractory pins. After firing, a tiny fragment of this material remains in the glaze until removed by a grinding process. The major benefit of supporting the piece in this manner is that there is no need for the foot of the item to be unglazed. This eliminates one of the major causes of wear which occurs when dishes slide against each other during stacking.

Oven safe note from Steelite website: "All products are perfectly safe to use in conventional  ovens. Temperatures of up to 300°C should not pose a problem, given proper attention to handling. The important point to bear in mind is that, in common with most other ceramics, tableware items should not be subjected to sudden, very large, uneven temperature reversals (i.e. heating or cooling)."

More Steelite Craft items are available in our store. 

Packaging will be appropriate for the delicate nature of the item. 

Please note that backstamps may vary from what is pictured, depending on our stock at hand. Ask before you buy if you are looking for a particular backstamp.

IMPORTANT:  Our items are shipped with a sticker (label) intact.  It must not be removed or altered if there is a chance you will return the item.  Removal or alteration of the sticker will VOID the Return Policy.

Note for International Buyers:  We ship merchandise internationally but will NOT accept responsibility for any delays, costs or damage caused by international Customs inspections.